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The Karni Project

Comodan Far East is the exclusive representative of Nuctech Company in Israel.

Nuctech is the largest producer and developer of the latest technologies in the high energy containers x-ray equipment with world wide installed equipment in more than 30 countries and capture about 60 % of the world market share.

Nuctech is associated with Tongfan Group and have strong relation to Xinhua University.

In Israel Comodan installed and operate mobile container  x-ray system at Karni Boarder close to Gaza City.
Comodan  installed and operated, in Karni boarder crossing, Israel, a mobile  x- ray system, which will be operating from the beginning of 2006.

This project is a turn- key project which include the infrastructure, buildings, traffic control management system etc.
Chinese Ambassador and his Delegation with Naftali Getter at Karni.  
Getter, Dr. Ada Rehavi, Moshe David Amos Yaron, Yoni, Mandul visiting Karni
Delegation Visiting Karni relocated X-Ray system
Signing Contract -  Ruven Sofer,      Dr. Li Jianmin, Naftali Getter, Amos Yudan Signing Contract - Naftali Getter,      Dr. Ada Rechavi, Mr. Micha Gal, Moshic, Dr. Li Jianmin, Mr. Li Yue, and Amos Yudan

relocated scanner

Nuctech World Market Share
Naftali,Cindy,  Micha, Ada, Moshic Naftali Getter and Dr. Li Jianmin