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Cotton Mechanization Project
Implemented in Xinjiang by Comodan
A special contribution to the development of the western part China

New cotton roller Gin for long fiber cotton, Installed in Xinjiang October 2003

The Chinese Government calls for special emphasis to develop the western part of China using agricultural water saving technologies and mechanization.

The Chinese Central Government has decided to enter into cotton mechanical harvesting .

This development is still new and requires a lot of changes such as cotton varieties, growing and cultivation methods, as well as harvesting and post harvesting treatments.

The government calls for special emphasis on agricultural water saving technologies in order to save precious water resources all over China, especially in the western part of China.

Israel is world leader in water saving technologies and cotton mechanization.

Comodan has embarked on a special development with Xinjiang AIC, since the year 2000, establishing an Israeli cotton demonstration farm, which includes many elements required for cotton mechanization:

  1. Israeli cotton seeds varieties, designed for mechanical harvesting.
  2. Cotton saving technologies (to be used in cotton fields).
  3. In order to increase the quality and productivity, experiments in leaf spray are being done with liquid fertilizers on cotton.
  4. Special tractor-mounted air sleeve boom sprayers for plant protection. This includes defoliate spray to be used before mechanical harvesting.
  5. Supply of cotton pickers, with 4 and 5 raw, produced by John Deere, USA.
  6. Cotton pre-cleaning equipment from the ginning factory, which is required for mechanical harvested cotton.
  7. Cotton field management and agronomic support, provided by Israeli experts.

- Israeli agronomists work in close cooperation with the local agronomist.
- Israeli professional experts pay periodical visits.
- Special training program is established in China and in Israel.

New cotton roller Gin for long fiber cotton
Installed in Xinjiang October 2003

Complete Cotton saw gin for mechanical harvesting,
produced by LUMMUS USA.
produced by continental eagle of USA