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    Wuhan-Merhav Joint Venture
    Vegetable dehydration project, turn-key project in Wuhan, including know-how, equipment and marketing for Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

    Joint Venture for Bromine Compound
    Joint Venture to produce canned Mbr soil fumigant in Lianyungang with Bromine compounds Ltd. The Mbr will be used mainly in cash crops, such as tobacco seeds beds, vegetable and flower fields etc.

    Prolonging Shelf Life
    Litchi processing and preservation line in Guangxi region, for extending shelf life of five (5) weeks.

    Communication Network
    Telephone communication equipment (local loop) from Teledata of Israel. The system has been installed in Hebei, Fujian and Liaoning provinces.

    Ambassador Ora Namir at Wei Fang Commercial Demonstration Farm Computerized Green House
    Commercial Demonstration farm in Wei Fang including Israeli computerized greenhouse, nursery and irrigation for local greenhouse and dehydration plant with Hovev Group.

    Upgrding Local Green House
    Computerized nurseries' greenhouses in Yantai Shandong.

    Electronic Pre-Payment Device
    Joint Venture to produce Electronic electric metering, including pre-payment and remote reading system (PLC) in Hangzho with Nisco Ardan Group.

    Juice processing Factory
    Up-grading local sunshine greenhouses by introducing drip irrigation system.

    Export of citruse concentrate photos with Mr. Zhu of Huayuan in Isreal