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Amos Yudan, the pioneer who paved the road For Chinese-Israeli fruitful relation

Isreal China/Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce

Public Positions

Business Experience

Amos Yudan, the pioneer who paved the road For Chinese-Israeli fruitful relation

Amos Yudan is one of the few Israelis to be considered an "Old friend of China". He was one of the first Israelis to do business with China.

Amos Yudan started his commercial relations steam, back in 1981. At that time, he was a director in the largest conglomerate company in Israel, Koor Trade, and due to the political relation at that time, he worked " from the back door".

In 1987, the Israeli Government decided to foster trade relations between the two countries. Mr. Yudan was elected to manage this operation by establishing commercial company in Hong Kong, named COPECO.

From 1987 until 1992, Mr. Yudan was very instrumental in the future establishment of the commercial relation between the two countries.

In 1992, following the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Mr. Yudan has opened his private company. Maintaining friendly relations with the leaders of the two countries, he has "Guanxi" in China and in Israel, working side-by-side with his excellent Chinese staff, who has been working with him for more than ten years.

Together, they have been building a successful operation cooperating with many companies both in Israel and in China.

Amos Yudan has a B.A in Economic and M.B.A in business administration from Concordia University in Canada.

Isreal China/Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce:

Mr. Yudan is the Chairman of the Israel China/Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber was the first organization in Israel to organize a leading group of companies from Israel to visit China in 1990. Since that time the Chamber has been involved in coordination activities between economic entities in Israel and China. Numerous delegations received warm welcome from the Chamber and assistance in establishing commercial relations.

Amos Yudan is also a member of the executive committee of the Council for the Promotion of Israel-China Relations.

Public Positions:

1989-present: Member of the executive board of Director of Israel Asia Chamber of Commerce since 1989 and chairman of the China and Hong - Kong sub chamber.

1997-present: Council for the promotion of Israel-China relation executive committee.

Lecture about China in: university, export institute, organization, cooperation etc.

Business Experience:

1992-present President of Comodan Far East LTD and Chairman of Comlop high Tech Corp. operating in China, representing 15 Israeli companies, investing in Joint Ventures and Compensation Trade agreements in China.

1988-1992 Managing Director of COPECO LTD, government owned company registered in Hong Kong since 1988.
I have been requested by the Israeli government to establish this company based on knowledge and experience gathered in the past few years in my work in China.
I have started the operation by founding office in Beijing , Hong Kong and Israel. This resulted in a significant improvement of the commercial relations between the two countries and the implementation of several high-tech and agricultural projects. In addition, trade activities have been launched. During this period, I initiated several trade exhibitions as well as trade delegations of some of Israel's leading industries.

1986-1988 Managing Director - international projects division of Koortrade Ltd. Responsible for the development,implementation and management of international projects in agriculture, agro-industry and industrial projects.
In addition , responsible for Koortrade operations in the Peoples Republic of China ( Trade , counter trade , Joint ventures , etc.) Board member of Koortrade and some affiliate companies.

1983-1985 Deputy General Manager international Division of Koortrade. Responsible for the trade, barter trade ,counter trade and agriculture projects in Africa , South America , Asia and the P.R.C. (annual turnover of US$ 40-60 million).

1980-1983 Managing Director of Linbal B.V. in Amsterdam, Holland. Responsible for international trade , trade financing and turn-key projects (annual turnover US$ 15 million)

1976-1980 Manager Koortrade (Africa) Ltd. Stationed in the African Continent (annual turnover 60-90 million)

1975-1976 During this period I had a part-time position with Zimmcor Inc. Montreal Canada as a production designer.

1970-1974 Manager of the Agriculture Department AMIRAN Ltd. Addis - Ababa, Ethiopia. Responsible for sales and servicing of tractors, machinery, chemicals, reftilizers and seeds. In addition manager of production line of aluminum windows, doors and partitions.

1966-1970 Economic Manager kibbutz Horashim , Israel. anagement, planning and control of the kibbutz operations.

1956-1969 Kibbutz member, kibbutz Horasim Israel. Technical Manager of the workshop and the garage.


1985 Koor Executive Management Seminar

1976-1977 Master of Business Administration, Concordia University, Montreal , Canada. M.B.A.

1974-1975 Bachelor of Economics and Commerce , Concrdia University, Montreal , Canada.

1956-1966 Economic Management course, especially designed for executive Kibbutz members , Rupin institute Israel.

1964 Technion Israel , Practical Engineering. Craftsmen Garage Diploma, Ministry of Transport.

1963 Agricultural Engineering. Ort Geneva.

1951-1955 Technion High School. B.S.M.T. Haifa Israel