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Comodan has already been responsible for the establishment of several Joint Ventures and to the development of import and export trade activities. Its specialist activities include the following:

1. Milk cows farm project and milk processing technology.

We are honored to offer a complete comprehensive project for a commercial milk-cow farm and milk products processing plant based on the advanced Israeli milk-farm technology, which yields the world's highest milk output, on wide experience in implementing this technology and successfully adapting it to the specific local conditions and needs of various countries, and on the modern, advanced milk processing industry in Israel.
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2. Agriculture

Comodan has introduced the Israeli technologies in the fields of Water Saving, Greenhouses, Upgrading local greenhouses, nurseries, high quality vegetable and flower seeds, export of fruits and vegetables, produced by Israeli technologies, executing commercial demonstration farm supervised by Israeli experts.

The list of the projects is the evidence to our wide contribution to the agriculture activities by combining Israeli technologies and Chinese farmers.

We have strong intention to implement the following projects in China in the near future:

1) Irrigation, marketing of drip irrigation systems, micro sprinklers and production line for drip irrigation in China.
2) Greenhouses for vegetables and flowers, strawberries and melons.
3) Modern farming, agronomic technology and marketing support.
4) Fruits and vegetable processing, dehydration, juice concentrates etc.
5) Mushroom production lines.
6) Post harvest systems for apple processing, sorting, grading and packing for export.
7) Dairy processing and livestock.
8) Seeds and nursery plant for vegetables, flowers and trees.
9) Water supply and treatment in urban and rural areas.
10) Packing machines for food, medicine and cosmetic.

3. Communications

Comodan represents some of the leading companies in the communication field in Israel.
Comodan has already sold to China multiplexes, fiber optics modems and accessories, data compressors, data communication accessories, digital concentrators for data and telephone line, by establishing distribution network through Chinese distributors.

4. Health-care products & Medical equipment

Comodan represents some advanced medical equipment and health-care product brought to China, including centers with medical technology, operating in home-care segment of the Telemedicine market, and on-line consultation medical services between hospitals.
In addition, we are planning to set up a pharmaceutical Joint Venture to produce pharmaceutical drugs in China with know-how of a leading drug producer in Israel.

5. Security

Comodan represents in China, some of the best-known Israeli Security and Surveillance companies. All those companies are operating in more than 70 countries around the world.

6. Investment/Financing

Comodan represents Merhav Group of Companies in China.
Merhav has annual turnover of more than one billion dollars worldwide, with offices in 12 different countries.
Merhav is a financing and project integration group for large projects of over 30-50 million dollars and is willing to cooperate in China by providing financing facilities for large projects and establishing Joint Ventures.