Your Partner to Execute Complex projects with Chinese Companies in Israel and Europe

Comodan is your unparalleled partner with 30 years of experience in establishing fruitful collaborations with Chinese enterprises.

” We believe that combining partnership and friendship is the key to sucess ” 


At Comodan, our mission revolves around uniting individuals and communities, transcending cultural boundaries to facilitate seamless business interactions between China, Israel and Europe.

Join us in our journey to bridge continents and foster unparalleled growth through collaborative ventures that shape the future of commerce and cooperation.

Results You Can Trust – 30 Years Of Experience

Comodan Far East Ltd.a private commercial company, was established in 1992 by Amos Yudan and Mulla Yaffe following the signing of the diplomatic relationship between Israel and China. We implemented more than 40 projects in China, based on Israeli technology in agriculture and hi-tech systems.

Since 2004, Comodan has been the representative in Israel of Nuctech Company Ltd.

Since 2015, Comodan has been the representative in Israel of China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG), which is part of CREC, one of the biggest companies in China.

Since 2018 Comodan serves as the representative of China Electrification Group EEB. CRTG and EEB won NTA’s tender for tunneling and later railway systems throughout the 24 km of the Red Line Light Railway project in Tel Aviv.”


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