Comodan Far East Ltd.
30 years of experience

Comodan Far East Ltd., a private commercial company, was established in 1992 by Amos Yudan and Mulla Yaffe following the signing of the diplomatic agreement between Israel and China.
The company opened its office in the Jianguo hotel in Beijing and registered as a private company in Israel on February 1992. 

Since 1992 we implemented more than 40 projects in China, based on Israeli technology in agriculture and hi-tech systems as well as large
infrastructure and security projects in Israel, based on technology from China.

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Since 2004, Comodan has been the sole representative of Nuctech Company Ltd., in Israel. Nuctech has been supplying X-Ray scanning system to the Israel’s Border Crossing Authority to the Israel Ministry of Defense and to the Israel Custom Authority, placing those systems in
all the
border crossings and ports of Israel.

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Since 2015, Comodan has been the sole representative of China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG), one of the biggest tunneling companies in world. CRTG won NTA’s tender for excavating 12 km’s of underground tunnels for the Red Line Light Train
in Tel Aviv, which was completed
in time and with high quality.

Since 2018 Comodan serves as the sole representative of China Electrification Group EEB, won NTA’s Red Line System’s tender for providing railway
s throughout the 24 km of the line in
Tel Aviv
and 4 other neighboring cities. CRTGEEB
has been
designing and construction the rails,
electrification, communication and controlling systems, as well as the
System Integration of the entire project
across all contractors and
subcontracts of NTA in the project. The project is already completed and was open to public in August 2023.

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