Comodan Far East

Amos Yudan and Mulla Yaffe established Comodan Far East Ltd., in 1992 with the goal of fostering business operation between Israel and China.

The company opened its offices in the Jianguo hotel in Beijing.

Comodan, during the year 1992-2004, represented many Israeli companies in China and established more than 40 projects in several provinces in China.

Starting from 2014, Comodan has started representing in Israel several Chinese companies such as Nuctech Company Ltd., and later on several Chinese Railway and Metro companies (e.g for tunneling, civil works, electrification, ticketing systems, etc).

Comodan’s operation in China included establishing drying vegetables factories, supplying irrigation systems, installing green houses, agricultural demonstration farms, water meter factories and producing metal broaind. Comodan also established several cotton gins (from Israel and the US) in Xinjian province, imported the first Cotton Picker to China and was involved in several communication systems projects.