Our Partners

We partner with several large Enterprises in China and support their sucess in Israel

Nuctech Company, Ltd is a Chinese partially state-owned security inspection products company, headquartered in Beijing, created in 1997 as an offshoot of Tsinghua University.
Nuctech Company manufactures security inspection products, including scanners for baggage and parcel inspection, cargo and vehicle inspection, personnel inspection, and fever screening technology.  Nuctech’s products are used in civil aviation, customs inspection, railway inspection, highway freight inspection, building security and large event security. Nuctech security equipment is in use at more than 100 countries

China Railway Group Limited is a super-large corporate conglomerate engaged in engineering survey, design and construction, industrial equipment manufacturing, real estate development, resources and mining development, financial investment, and other fields. With more than 300,000 employees worldwide and offices in more than 90 countries. Listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock. CREC was ranked 50 on the 2020 Fortune Global 500 list.

Subsidiaries of CREC include CRTG, CREG, EEB


China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. (CRTG) is the largest engineering contractor in the tunnel and underground engineering in China, with may international projects,  and also a backbone member of China Railway Group Ltd (CREC).




China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co. Ltd (CREG) is a worldwide underground solutions provider for a full range of mechanized tunnelling technology and services.
It is the largest producer of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) in the world.


China Railway Electrification Bureau Co., Ltd (EEB) was founded in 1958 with the first ever electrified railway–Baoji-Chengdu railway commenced on. 

It has built more than 70% of the electrification of all high speed trains and 50% of all metro in China, with many other international projects with communications and system integration experience.