Projects In China

Comodan established several cotton gins (from Israel and the US) in Xinjian province, imported the first Cotton Picker to China and was involved in several communication systems projects.

Below is a list of the projects that Comodan executed in different provinces.
Establishing food processing for drying vegetables.

  • Supplying controlled Israeli irrigation systems.
  • Establishing agricultural demonstration farms in several provinces.
  • Participating in several Joint Ventures.
  • Water Meters factories.
  • Producing Metal Bromide Grin storage.
  • Producing Metal Bromide Grin storage.
  • Unique activity in Xinjian province of large scale agricultural demonstration farm.
  • Several cotton procession factories.
  • Improving the first cotton pickers from the USA.
  • Comodan was involved in several communications with HUAWEI and ZTE Chinese groups.

Technology and communication systems

Israeli Partner Project Location in China
Arad Dalia Partnership   Production of water meters Wuhan
Bermad Co Irrigation Control System Shanghai, Shandong
Tadiran Purchasing a plant to manufacturing nickel cadmium batteries Guangzhou
Teldata Co. Telephone Lines duplication System to be used in the outlying areas Jinan, Shandong


Israeli Partner Project Location in China
Dan Irrigation Manufacturing Irrigation Systems & Sprinkles Beijing
Juran Co A plant to prolong Litchi’s shelf life Nan Ning, Guangxi
Haogen Plast Seed Storage in PVC containers Changchung, Shenyang
Hovav Co. Computerized demonstration Green House System, Agriculture demonstration farm A cooperation with Weifang University and Beijing
Azrom Co. Computerized Green House Systems Shandong, Weifang
Gedera Seeds Distribution of vegetable varieties in different area All of China
Degania Sprayers  Cotton Sprayers Xinjiang
Cotton Demonstration Farm Irrigation system, Fertilization & Spraying Xinjiang
John Deer, USA Import of six-row cotton Harvesters Xinjiang
Lummus USA Establishing Cotton gins Xinjiang
Netafim Several projects of irrigation Gansu, Shandong, Hohhot, Beijing


Israeli Partner Project Location in China
Merhav Co. & Hovav Co. Vegetable drying plant Wuhan, Qingfao, Shandong, Qindan
Hovav Co. Computerized greenhouse and Vegetable drying plant Qingdao, Beijin
Merhav Co. Baby Food Factory Beijing
Ilpak Co. Automatic Packing Machines from Italy Chongqing
Ganir Co. Import of Citrus Concentrates All of China
Shar Hanegev Establishing 4 factories beating cotton Xinjiang
Brome Production of wethyl bromide Liyangyong Liyangyong
Comodan Wet towels Production line Changchum