Governamental and VIP Delegations

Amos Yudan,  Comodan’s President, has very long personal relations with all the Israeli ambassadors and consulars in China, with top Israeli leaders, as well as with top leaders in the People Republic of China.

Comodan has also been maintaining strong personal relations with all the Chinese Ambassadors and Chinese Commercial Consulars to Israel.

Throughout the years, Comodan has paved the way for the establishment of strong relationships between Israel and China, led numerous Israeli top government delegations to China, and numerous bi-lateral agreements were signed.

Israeli Ambassadors to China

Zeev Sofot
Moshe Ben Yakob
1996 - 2000
Ora Namir
2000 - 2002
Shelef Isaac
2002 - 2007
Yehudia Chaim
2007 - 2012
Amos Nadai
2012 - 2016
Matan Vilnai
2016 - 2020
Zvi Hefetz
2021 - now
Irit Ben Aba

VIP Delegations in China and Israel